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The Calabrian Pizza with Abbruzzino flair

We’re very happy to celebrate the summer with all of our locations open. So happy that in our new spring/summer menu we’ve added Luca Abbruzzino’s Calabrese Pizza. It’s a tribute to summer and to the South, with the signature touch of the star chef of Catanzaro.

Since pizza doesn’t yet have a Michelin star, the Michelin star has come to the pizza. Luca has taken over the reins – and the ovens – of his family restaurant for several years. In 2019, his work was awarded with the recognition of a star in the Michelin Guide.

The Calabrian Pizza with Abbruzzino flair

The Calabrian pizza with ‘Nduja di Spilinga, roasted peppers, black olives, capers, pecorino from Crotona, fiordilatte, and mint is a tribute to the homeland of the Aloe brothers. It is also an homage to a reopening centered on quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability. The crisis resulting from this health emergency has put everyone at risk, especially our most fragile territories, as well as the artisans and small independent producers who work in these territories.

Bringing the products of these resilient artisans from Calabria to all of our locations throughout Italy is our small contribution toward a recovery under the banner of sustainability and ethical work practices.

Calabrian quality

For the toppings we use the ‘nduja from Luigi Caccamo, an artisan who has been working with high quality local raw materials in Spilinga since 2004. We also use roasted peppers with fresh mint, a typical combination in the South. On top of that we add grated Pecorino Crotonese DOP from the Maiorano farm, a family-run dairy that, since the early 1900s, has been producing cheeses according to the ancient rural tradition of the fifteenth century. Finally come capers, black olives, and the inevitable sprinkle of organic olive oil from the Aliva di Gregorio Paone farm in the Catanzaro area. The resulting pizza is an explosion of Mediterranean flavors.

The other pizzas on the menu

On our new menu, alongside the Calabrian pizza by Luca Abbruzzino and the classic pizzas, we offer several with seasonal ingredients. Like our Zucchini Pizza, with roasted zucchini, feta, black olives, cherry tomato confit, and fiordilatte. Or our Norma Pizza, with roasted eggplant, tomato, fiordilatte, smoked ricotta, and basil.

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