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prosciutto e melone

Fresh options for the summer

Looking for fresher options for the summer? With the rising temperatures we crave foods that are fresh but still flavorful.

Berberè has several off-menu specials that are perfect for fighting the summer heat. They include:

green salad (7€) with crisp arugula, iceberg lettuce (freshness is right in the name!), walnuts and feta DOP. We were inspired by a proposal from the legendary chef Jamie Oliver – a single dish to fill up on energy and vitamins, thanks to its balanced ingredients. The salad is accompanied by our bread made from living sourdough.

Prosciutto and melon (9 €): a timeless classic of Italian summers made truly special thanks to outstanding ingredients, like Prosciutto di Norcia, slices of fresh melon, basil, pepper, and a splash of lemon. Also accompanied by our fragrant bread.

Pizza with fresh cherry tomatoes (10 €): if you don’t want to give up on pizza, here’s a super fresh version, with raw cherry tomatoes, fiordilatte, rich burrata, and basil.

Cucumber sorbetto (3,50 €):Want to end the meal on a super fresh note? Try our sorbet made with cucumbers, lemons, mint and a drop of gin (which never hurts).

Like these fresher options?

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