Pizza has arrived! Check out our delivery promotions (Italy) - Berberè



Pizza has arrived! Check out our delivery promotions (Italy)

Here following the Uber Eats promotions active in the restaurants located in Bologna,  Firenze Santa Croce,  Firenze San Frediano,  Roma , Torino Binaria, Torino Centro , Milano Isola,  Milano Navigli , Milano Centrale  and  Milano Colonne.
From the 10th to the 16th of Novembre, the following pizza will be just 4.95€: Margherita, Spicy Cosacca, Pumpikin and Mushrooms or Pizza with smashed potatoes, aged Asiago and Mortadella.
From the 24th to the 31st of Novembre, you will get a 70% discount on your order!


Deliveroo is supporting us as well with an amazing campaign: free delivery fees until the 29th of November for all restaurants in Bologna ,  Firenze Santa Croce;  Verona; Roma; Torino Binaria; Torino Centro, Milano Isola;  Milano Navigli, Milano Centrale  and  Milano Colonne.
Whether you want to enjoy a nap-proof lunch break or just want to enjoy your favorite tv series together with a great pizza,
there’s always an occasion to profit of our special promotions. Furthermore, our take away service is always active. Just check our website for the opening hours .