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Our Pizza

Why is our pizza so good?

It is artisanal pizza made from living sourdough, light and delicious with seasonal toppings. Soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside, it’s pizza that encourages conversation thanks to a simple idea: eight slices so that everyone at the table can try different flavors.
pizza luca abbruzzino
Berberè Delivery

Organic, stone-ground, semi-whole wheat flour
• Dough made from sourdough that rests at least 24 hours at regulated room temperature, between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius, giving the pizza that unique texture of soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside.
• Alternative dough options made from grains other than wheat (enkir, farro, Senatore Capelli), or with starch hydrolysis, an ancient leavening technique, totally free of added yeasts, based on the self-fermentation process of cracked wheat.
• Topped with delicious ingredients, many of them organic and Slow Food presidia, cooked fresh every day.
• Strictly seasonal ingredients
• Pizza served already cut into 8 slices, topped one by one, to encourage conviviality.

pizza berbere

The “Pizzerie d’Italia 2018” guide (Gambero Rosso), awarded Berberè in Castel Maggiore (BO), the first location opened by the Aloe brothers, with the prestigious “Tre spicchi,” the highest award dedicated to pizza, with the following accolade:

““The incredible products that come out of the oven here carry the signature and hard work of two great names in the world of pizza – Matteo and Salvatore Aloe – who have the distinction of being among the first to have brought these two worlds together and created a unique and replicable format, without ever slipping from the highest standards of quality.”

Gambero Rosso