Open all august - Berberè

Open all august

Summer in the city? Never fear, we’ve got you covered: our restaurants will be open all August!

Drop by one of our pizzerias across Italy and try our delicious living sourdough pizza, or our Montanarine with your favourite craft beer! We’ll be happy to welcome you anytime, even on August 15th 😉

Try our new summer pizza’s

We’re always open, so why not pop in and enjoy one of our new summer pizza’s?

Like our Brooklyn Brewmaster Special, the latest addition to our menu created with brewmaster Garrett Oliver. Packed with Mediterranean flavour, you can find it in all our restaurants until the end of August!

With our partnership with the historical New York brewery Brooklyn Brewery comes a new selection of amazing beers: the brand-new Brooklyn Pilsner premiering exclusively at Berberè, Brooklyn East India Pale Ale for those who love fragrant amber ales and Brooklyn Lager, citrusy and super-refreshing. Just take your pick!

On the menu you’ll also find our new Hummus pizza, a mouth-watering vegan option with chickpea hummus and oven-roasted aubergines; and our Ortolana with courgettes, mashed potatoes with extra-virgin olive oil and loads of delicious basil almond pesto. Don’t miss out on these delicious flavour combinations you won’t find anywhere else!

Beat the heat with our light and crunchy live sourdough pizza’s, fresh, seasonal ingredients and Brooklyn Brewery beers. Your summer in the city just got even better.

Book your table and drop by for a slice! We’ll be right here all August 😉