Who We Are - Berberè

Who We Are

Our mission: make delicious pizza, served with care, in beautiful spaces


In the beginning we were just Matteo and Salvatore, two brothers from Calabria.

We moved to Bologna to study economics, and – like all penniless students – ate a lot of pizza.

We wanted pizza that was good, and made and served with care. Without really knowing what we were getting ourselves into, we opened our first pizzeria in 2010 in Castel Maggiore (BO), gritting our teeth (and tightening our belts).

Obviously, the pizza that day did not rise well and we had to improvise an a la carte service for all the participants. It was a disaster, but they (almost) all forgave us right away – then, luckily, it went much better!

We were convinced of our ability to elevate the pizza as a delicious dish, keeping its popular soul, without pretension.

To that end, we channeled all our knowledge, studied and worked a ton to understand the fascinating alchemy of fermentation, and traveled all over Italy in search of the best products that each region could give us.

Now our group has grown a little larger (to about 160!), and we’ve been joined by incredibly talented young people, many of whom have grown with us and supported the opening of our other locations, each one better and more beautiful than the last!

pizza berbere

“It isn’t Neapolitan, Roman, or gourmet –it’s pop. And it requires only excellent ingredients, while the dough (weighing 280 grams) is made from semi-whole and organic flours, the result of the study and research carried out with Alce Nero. Berberè pizza is aristocratic but democratic. The result? Pizza that is light, digestible, with well-aerated nooks and crannies, soft (inside) and crunchy (outside). This is how the Aloe brothers, Matteo and Salvatore (chef and entrepreneur, respectively), interpret pizza.”

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