New autumn/winter menu!

The new autumn/winter menu is now online, and available in all our locations! With the change of seasons comes the return of cold weather pleasures. The duvet on your bed, the blanket on your lap while you watch your favorite Netflix series, the cup of hot chocolate, the combination of red wine and chestnuts – and seasonal Berberè pizzas! Here, at last, is our new autumn/winter menu. For those who appreciate strong flavors, our Speck & Gorgonzola, with Speck from Trentino, natural gorgonzola, Acacia honey, hazelnuts, andfiordilatte. For those who prefer timeless classics, the Cooked Prosciutto & Mushrooms, with Mora Romagnola Zivieri cooked prosciutto, sautéed mixed mushrooms, smoked scamorza, fiordilatte and parsley. We’re also bringing back one of our most beloved seasonal pizzas, the Pumpkin & Mushroom, with Roasted pumpkin, mixed sautéed mushrooms, taleggio, fiordilatte, and parsley. Colorful enough to conquer even the hearts of those who couldn’t imagine a pizza without fiordilatte, the Violet with Beets in cream, sautéed leeks, feta, and black olives. The air of Napoli must have conquered us after the recent award that put us number fourteen in the Top50pizza; in this new menu we’ve added a classic of the Neopolitan tradition, Sausage & Broccoli rabe, with Mora Romagnola Zivieri sausage, broccoli rabe, spicy oil, fiordilatteand wood-smoked ricotta.
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