menu autunno 2020

With pumpkin, mushrooms or kale: which will be your favorite pizza on the news menù?

What’s the thing you love more about winter? Some people love being wrapped around their blankie, others wait for October to put up their favorite sweater, some are ready to enjoy their herbal tea to fight the cold…and finally, some just say goodbye
to everyone and lock themselves inside enjoying their Netflix + couch + blanket combo. Our favorite things of winter are the
ingredient that grow up during this season, and that become great toppings for our sour dough pizzas. Ready to find our (and taste) our new menu?


Some examples? You will find pizza with sautéed kale, ouramazing goat cheese from Calabria, leek, strong-savored
mustard and mozzarella fiordilatte from Agerola. One of the most appreciated pizza of this season is back: pumpkin cream,
mixed sautéed mushrooms, smoked provola cheese and just a sprinkle of parsley, which fits just perfectly.
Could not be missed, the yummiest pizza with Speck from Trentino, natural gorgonzola, Acacia honey, nuts and
mozzarella fiordilatte from Agerola.

But hold up…we have a new addition on our menu in the restaurants located in Milano, Bologna, Castel Maggiore,
Florence and Torino (inside Binaria): the montanarine!
Crunchy fried balls made of Berbere’s dough, topped in three different versions. So damn good!
We also have some news for our desserts, to close a perfect meal just beautifully.
Curious? Just take a look at our menu on the website.