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Happiness is always the best Christmas present

This is why this year we’re once again supporting one of the initiatives by Gruppo Abele, a long-standing organization founded by Don Ciotti committed to promoting social justice and helping vulnerable people in need.

How does it work?

You book your company’s Christmas dinner at one of our 15 restaurants, we donate part of the proceeds towards the purchase of a 9-seater minibus for Comunità Mamma Bimbo, a community offering protection and hospitality for vulnerable women who are pregnant or with underage children. These women are often forced to live in situations of violence, high-conflict families and social exclusion.

Each participant will enjoy a delicious 30-Euro menu and will be gifted a thank-you scroll for helping women and children get their life and their future back on track.

Send us a message at info@berbere.it and plan your company’s Christmas dinner with us.
Choose a gift that brings happiness to your employees AND people in need!