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Amongst the best artisanal pizzerias in the world

Even this year, we have been included in the prestigious 50 Top Pizza, the
yearly guide of the best pizzerias in Italy and the world, curated by food and
wine journalists Barbara Guerra, Albert Sapere and Luciano Pignataro.

The award ceremony of the 50 Top World Artisan Pizza Chains 2022, the
ranking of the 50 best artisanal pizzeria chains in the world created by 50 Top
Pizza, took place on Monday November 21 in the El Beatriz Madrid auditorium,
located in the Spanish capital city.

Our pizzeria ranked 4th place again!
This result makes us extremely proud and reaffirms the commitment our staff
demonstrates every day.

Our strengths are, as always, the technical training of our staff, high
quality standards in each restaurant and careful selection of flours,
organic ingredients and dough preparation methods.
Day after day, that’s what we do for every single pizza, in Italy and London.


This is what 50 Top Pizza said about us when they gave us this award:

“Castel Maggiore, in the province of Bologna, is the center of this story. The
protagonists are the Aloe brothers, Matteo and Salvatore, who are able to
replicate the same format throughout many Italian cities serving an authentic
Italian pizza, already sliced and based on the philosophy of sourdough and
semi-wholegrain flour. This success has lead them to be able to open in some
of the most important Italian cities. Another one of their biggest quality is that
they where among the first ones to get closer to organic products and care for
a high and steady quality standard, maintained in the same way in each one of
their stores. Their recent new opening in London, far from the touristic venues,
now makes it possible to eat a high-quality pizza even across the Channel.”


All pizzerias are judged in complete anonymity, following parameters taking
into consideration the pizzerias as a whole, assessing the quality of products,
services offered to the customer, the ambiance, the menu for beers, wines and
beverages, as well as the oils.

You can find the complete list on the 50 Top Pizza website.